Friday, 23 February 2018

Bumps, New-borns and Toddlers 3 day Photography course, City & Guilds accredited Program

After being requested to run a Bump and New-born course by a number of our students, we have finally designed a 3 day course and had it approved as a City & Guilds accredited program certificate. The first course will run 26th-28th March 2018 with more dates to follow.
This is a very popular and profitable genre of photography, and although we teach the course from our studio it can be done from a small home set-up.  This course is ideal for the keen amateur or working professional photographer looking to undertake Bump and New-born photography.
Theory with practical shoots using models for the bump and Toddler shoots and a SIB for the new-born shoots (Stand in Baby with joints that move in a relaxed (sleep like) fashion, yet stops the movement when required to mirror a new-born babies limitations).  This will allow you to get hands on experience posing the new-born and you will not be limited on time, as I’m sure you will appreciate it would be inappropriate for everyone on the course to physically handle a real new-born.  Also quite often with real new-borns, they may not settle, be unwell or just not be up for it on the day of the course.
For more information please call us on 01202 419808 as this course is not yet on our website.

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